We are a leading supplier of Cooked Jacket Potatoes and Roast Potatoes for the wholesale market. We understand the demanding business needs of caters and can tailor products to customer requirements.
We have a loyal and dedicated workforce that is focussed on producing and supplying high quality products.
We are a customer driven company, we continually look to the future and make changes that will improve our service and make life easier for our customers.

Frozen Jacket Potatoes
Our British grown, graded jacket potatoes are fully baked and individually quick frozen to retain a delicious, traditional potato taste. Baked potatoes, by themselves, have no fat, no cholesterol and are full of potassium, vitamin C and other nutrients.

The quick freezing process we use ensures the quality of the product is not compromised. Our Jacket potatoes are 100% natural. They hold a 12 months shelf life when stored at -18°C. They are suitable for cooking from frozen, in a microwave or conventional oven.
Packed into bags or box liners in a premium quality outer case, guarantees a perfect jacket potato reaches the customer every time.
Our most popular sizes are;

Extra Large 280-340g, 30 per case (packed 3×10)
Large 225-280g, 36 per case (packed 3×12)
Medium 170-225g, 45 per case (packed 3×15)

Any size available upon request.

Chilled Jacket Potatoes
Our British grown potatoes are vacuum packed, then fully cooked in the bag to retain vital nutrients and preserve flavours. They are 100% natural.
With these potatoes, you have no mess and no waste. They have up to 8 weeks shelf-life when stored at 3°C.
Not just a Jacket Potato!!…..

The chilled jacket potato offers versatility;

• Traditional jacket potato
• Baked or fried wedges, slices, dices
• Mixed with mayonnaise and spring onion for a tasty potato salad
• Fork mashed with butter for a contemporary potato crush
• Quartered and oven baked for a healthier roast potato
We use an elite grade of vacuum packing bag, box into a premium cardboard outer to ensure the potatoes remain perfect from process to customer.
Most popular sizes;

Extra Large 280-340g, 2 per pack, 15 packs per case
Large 220-280g, 2 per pack, 18 packs per case

Any size available upon request.

Roast Potatoes
Food Network produce a classic baked Roast Potato. The traditional home-cooked look and taste make them a perfect accompaniment to any meal.
The finest quality potatoes are selected, halved or quartered, then fully cooked and quick frozen to give that home-cooked appearance and retain natural flavours.
Available in 10kg cases, 4 x 2.5kg per case. Our premium grade outer case ensures potatoes are safely stored and safely delivered to customers.