One Portion Meals

One Portion Meals

Our One Portion meals are the perfect solution to meal times.  These meals are perfectly ‘pre-plated’ for a quick and easy presented meal. As these meals are fully pre-portioned you will save time, waste and Money! With budgets getting tighter and wage increases, saving every penny counts. Our One Portion Meals go straight from storage to an oven or microwave, they then go straight to the plate! All you need to do is pull the tab and you will have a presented and balanced meal.

It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Remove from storage
  2. Cook in oven or microwave
  3. Put on a plate, pull the tab and enjoy!

Long Shelf Life

The One Portion meals we provide allow you to save waste as they are perfectly pre-portioned, they come with a 6 month shelf life so you can keep them in storage and have a variety of options ready to go for unexpected demand. This will allow you to have a large varied menu with no need to worry about waste.

Cost Saving

The unique packaging we use means you will have reduced waste, there will no longer be the need to purchase extra portions and timely preparation time. Our meals save time and resources as you will not have to wash any preparation equipment. As your meals are straight to plate you will require less staff resources, saving money, which is so important with constant wage rises.

Care and Quality

We are always looking for new ways to improve our meals and test our food regularly. We wouldn’t let a meal leave the site which we wouldn’t eat ourselves. We have full responsibility for the meals, we will provide you with full nutritional and allergen information. As we are fully STS Certified you can trust your meals are in safe hands, we are well on the road for obtaining BRC by the end of 2019, allowing for the highest level of food safety assurance. We are currently making our site into a modern 21st century factory, with growing staff numbers and orders.

We are proud of our food safety system which is fully audited, our HACCP system ensures we send only the safest products out and we are proud of our full traceability system which allows us to trace every product from farm to fork. All of our suppliers are fully audited and are required to pass our strict quality standards meaning we have full control of our raw materials. We sent over 150 food samples to our UKAS trusted labs for microbiological testing last year, which means we know our food is safe and of the highest quality.

Why not check out our brochure for more information or use our contact us section on the website for more information. Our Videos below show just how easy our One Portion Meals really are.

One Portion Meals Brochure

Our One Portion Meals Going into the Oven ~ Simply Heat and Present.

Our Classic Cod in Parsley Sauce ~ Simply Pull the Tab and Have a Fully Plated and Presented Meal in No Time.

Our One Portion Meals Can be Cooked in a Microwave too! This makes them great for a quick and easy meal.

The delightful Cheese and Tomato Omelette ~ Straight from the Microwave to the plate in just 8 minutes.

The Fantastic Fish Pie, Fresh out of the Microwave, Plated and Presented.