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Cook Chill is a system of catering where food is prepared in advance, using conventional cooking methods. It is then portioned into ovenable containers and blast chilled until 0-3 degrees centigrade is achieved within two hours, thereby retaining both goodness and flavour.

Once chilled, the food can be stored for up to five days at a temperature below 5 degrees centigrade. Food Network are able to supply food on a fast turnover which ensures that the client received the goods in peak quality with maximum shelf life.

T o reheat a meal, food needs to reach 75 degrees at its centre. Each container displays reheating times and temperatures. The extensive range of cook chill foodproducts available can be ordered in various pack sizes. Food Network also have a wide range of meals for people with special dietary requirements, including diabetic, low fat, high and low protein and vegetarian dishes.

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